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Adiabatic Logic is an exciting multi-award winning company that has been developing energy recycling techniques to reduce power used by electronic systems. We can address your needs from small logic blocks up to systems - e.g. from a small part of a chip to complete semiconductors and boards which are part of an end product. more »


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The Adiabatic Logic business provides design services and intellectual property (IP) products that encompass all aspects of energy recycling from IP up to systems. Our portfolio of patented technology includes the Intelligent Output Driver (IOD) and the Adiabatic Super Buffer (ASB). more »

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Adiabatic Logic delivers on second development contract with Xaar
Left is Ramon Borrell R&D Director at XAAR 
				with Geoff Harvey CTO Adiabatic Logic Adiabatic Logic has successfully completed a second key mixed signal ASIC development contract with the world's leading independent inkjet technology company, Xaar to enhance the performance of its printheads.
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What people are saying:

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  • "My impression is that IOD is the most elegant solution for significantly reducing the power cost of IO drivers that I have seen. It has the potential to reduce the power budget of digital ICs dramatically, enabling high-end processors and memories to deliver higher performance without exceeding power limits and enhancing the battery life of multi-chip systems.
  • There is almost no digital IC that would not benefit from using this technology."

    Professor Steve Furber, Head of Computer Science at Manchester University and co-inventor of the ARM processor.
  • "Simple ideas are the most powerful and here is a wonderful example. This technique is likely to make a huge saving in power consumption of devices and systems."

    Prof. Andy Hopper, Professor of Communications Engineering, University of Cambridge UK.


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